Cryptocurrency update 29 April 2024

✅ Another red week for the crypto market, the fourth in a row. Ethereum is starting to show relative strength and is leading the growth over the last day 📈

Weekly news digest:

💎 Crypto

🔸 Fintech company Stripe will begin supporting transactions in USDC this summer
🔸 Ape Terminal stated that the ZKasino IDO has been canceled, and all participants will receive refunds
🔸 Metis announced the launch of Sequencer mining
🔸 BNB Foundation announced that a total of 1,94 million BNB was burned 🔥

🔸 Solana Saga Chapter 2 pre-orders have already received two airdrops that can offset the price of the phone 📱

🏦 Crypto exchanges

🔸 Thailand will block unauthorized crypto platforms

🔸 The bankruptcy estate of the FTX plans to auction an unknown number of Solana tokens this week

🔸 MtGox official website form has been updated It now contains the expected number of tokens and cash to be withdrawn and the status of payment

🔸 Binance exec arrested in Kenya, he faces extradition back to Nigeria

🔸 The US SEC will delay its decisions on the BlackRock and Grayscale applications for spot Ether ETFs

💵 Finances and Economy

🔸 Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA turned to USDT as a form of payment. Tether vowed to freeze assets Venezuela will use to bypass oil sanctions ❄️

🔸 Today, Republic First Bank collapsed and was seized by regulators

🔸 Franklin Templeton has tokenized a $380 million treasuries fund on the Polygon and Stellar blockchains ⛓

🔸 The iconic “Buy Bitcoin” sign was sold at an auction for 16 BTC 🪧
🔸 FBI warns Americans against using “unregistered crypto money transmitting services”

⚖️ Law and Order

🔸 Consensys has filed a lawsuit against the US SEC for what the company calls an “unlawful seizure of authority” after the SEC accused MetaMask of acting as an unlicensed BrokerDealer

🔸 The Federal Trade Commission voted to ban noncompete agreements

🔸 New rules will allow UK police to seize crypto holdings without being required to make an arrest

🔸 China’s most prominent pro-blockchain official, Yao Qian, is under investigation by the Chinese government

🔸 US prosecutors want CZ to serve 36 months in prison

🔸 Federal prosecutors charged Samurai Wallet founders with conspiracy to commit money laundering

 🗣 Personalities 

🔸 US Senator Elizabeth Warren wants 1% crypto wealth tax

🔸 US presidential candidate R.F. Kennedy Jr. wants to put the US budget on blockchain

🚀 Best performers of the week:

Pepe – $0…0574 (↑24.1%)
Bonk – $0.0000255 (↑21.3%)
Hedera – $0.106 (↑16.8%)

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