How to be Effective in Group Discussion

  Group Discussions are an inevitable part of our everyday work environment. These brainstorming sessions with work teams and colleagues are quite manifesting interpersonal and communication skills. Group Discussion essentially refers to a discussion-not necessarily a debate, more like an insightful chat where a group of people or professionals, sit together and evaluate a certain … Read more

Interview Tips: Most commonly asked questions.

interview tips for Freshers: Most commonly asked Questions #1 Tell me about Yourself. From the freshers standpoint, we just expect you to introduce your name, highest qualification, strengths, hobbies, significant achievements(academics/sports/etc.) and your career ambition, and your favorite quotation, if any that will help us understand what kind of an individual you are. Make sure … Read more

How to prepare for a presentation

Practice is the key to success in everything, even making a presentation! Impromptu presentations and speeches are rarely impressive considering the lack of material and research flanked by no practice or rehearsal. Innumerable individuals have made mistakes due to their negligence towards the vital essence of the practice. So you just got assigned with a … Read more

How to prepare for Job interview

Mastering the Art of Job Interview Preparation: Your Path to Success Preparing for a job interview is a crucial step towards securing the job of your dreams. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, a well-executed interview preparation can significantly boost your confidence and increase your chances of impressing the hiring manager. This … Read more

How to deliver Effective Presentations

effective presentation

Presentation is the process of elucidating and explaining the context of a certain topic to the public, audience, or learner. In order to make an impressive presentation, one needs a lot of preparation. A presentation basically consists of an Introduction, explanation, and conclusion of the presentation topic. In order to make an impressive presentation one … Read more

How to develop good listening skills!

Imagine yourself making a speech and someone constantly keeps nagging at your every point or your audience seems disinterested and absent-minded. Feel terrible, doesn’t it? The exact same feeling incenses in the mind of the speaker to whom you are listening uninterestingly. Your listening skills are equally important as your speaking and convincing skills in … Read more

How to Communicate Effectively!

Effective Communication is an inevitable part of a successful organization or even an interpersonal relationship. In spite of its vital essence, very little concern is shown towards developing effective communication skills. In veracity, it is the communication skills that help us connect to another person and truly be successful. Thus, it is absolutely essential to … Read more

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