Fast ways to lose weight-Good thigs or Bad

It may take us a while to decide to take it off, but once the decision’s been made-we want the weight off today! When the modern dieter starts surfing the Net for diets, fast ways to lose weight seem to be the focus.

We live in a fast-paced society where waiting is a sin of sins. A fast solution may make us feel better, but when you look closely, the price is actually quite high.

This list tells the story:

* Losing weight fast makes your body think it’s starving. The body’s response to this is to gain skill at storing and hanging on to fat-a skill it doesn’t forget easily.

* Low-calorie diets make it harder (or even impossible) to meet the nutritional requirements to keep you healthy.

* Fast weight loss diets cause your body to consume its own muscle!

* Often people on aggressive diets develop very bad breath. In these cases, the body really is starving!

* Sudden attacks of binge eating are common for people attempting rapid weight loss.

* Fast weight loss diets lower your base metabolic rate. Your body learns to burn fewer calories to do the same work.

* A lower metabolic rate will pretty much guarantee that you will gain weight with ease in the future!

* You may find that you develop bowel-related problems such as constipation.

* Being constantly hungry, you may find yourself constantly obsessed with thoughts of food.

I think it’s important to be realistic about issues that people are very emotional about. Dieting is certainly an emotional topic for most people.

For this reason, I am not going to ask you to avoid fast ways to lose weight. Emotional issues tend to push the brain into the background in favor of the heart.

On the other hand, the stakes are high so some compromising might be worth considering.

* Try not to be too aggressive in your dieting.

* A multivitamin may help offset the reduced nutrients you are getting while you are dieting.

* Switch to long-term lifestyle change activities as early as possible.

* Increase your exercise to minimize the body’s tendency to cannibalize its own muscle.

Of course not dieting and going straight to a lifestyle change is an option, but of course, we said we wouldn’t dwell on that, didn’t we?

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