How to be Effective in Group Discussion


Group Discussions are an inevitable part of our everyday work environment. These brainstorming sessions with work teams and colleagues are quite manifesting interpersonal and communication skills. Group Discussion essentially refers to a discussion-not necessarily a debate, more like an insightful chat where a group of people or professionals, sit together and evaluate a certain topic and then rationally produce an effective conclusion.

One cannot be an effective speaker at a Group Discussion by manipulating or dominating others. Effective Group Discussion speaking skills can be achieved by maintaining impressive Body Language, Poise, and excellent communication skills flanked by the ability to be considerate and listening to what others have to say as well.

So how do you maintain that poise and impressive communication skills to excel at that Group Discussion? Here are a few easy tips that will help you make an effective impression at that vital Group Discussion!

Plunge into Initiation!

Yes! Speaking first is an epitome of great self-confidence and a zest to discuss. Initiation is a sign of interest, an effort and willingness. When you speak at the beginning, it gives you the edge for the fact that the discussion has just begun and almost everyone is without any pre-conceived notion over the topic. Even when they will evaluate at the end, the first and the last comment by any speaker will be quite influential in making a final decision.

Maintain an effective Body language!

Your poise and posture exhibits an immense self-confidence, which is a sign of self-belief and knowing your facts when you speak. This confidence and efficient body language gives you an edge over the others while putting your point forward in front of others. Maintain an erect and upbeat posture and make sure you make eye contacts with everyone in the room while conversing.

Learn to appreciate!

In order to be heard you need to make sure you listen to others as well. Make sure you take an effort to hear and comprehend others point of view and try to evaluate the pros and the cons instead of just nagging and depreciating their ideas. Take the positive from their facts and opinions and add it to your own ideas.

Speak it Right!

Be calm and sound confident about your point of view. Don’t shout or be too loud. Be courteous and attentive when you speak. Be elusive while representing facts and statistics. If interrogated over a point, make sure you explain the best way possible. The idea of speaking affluently is to not manipulate but elucidate. If you feel you aren’t confident about your speaking skills or lack in basic language and grammar, make sure you enroll yourself in some English Speaking classes that will help you polish it.

Maintain a positive mindset and don’t let the emotions take over!

Don’t get worked up when someone interrogates your point or opinion. Maintain your cool and explain how you feel your aspect is right according to you. Don’t get nervous or fret over small issues. Don’t get emotional about your aspect/point, instead be pragmatic and keep an open mind to others’ suggestions.

All said and done, but the most important aspect is the belief in yourself and being open to new ideas. Keep innovating and brushing up your skills and in no time you will feel invincible!


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