How to be effective Public Speaking !

We have all had our share of fears and phobias. Some fear the dark, some fear isolation, and many more. But the most common fear noticed is stage fear or public speaking. All of us have been through a moment when we are up on that stage and are supposed to make the most epoch speech of our lives, but we find ourselves shaken, with sweaty palms, choking throats,s and short of words.

Yes, we all fear the stage for once, and also public speaking. However, with time; one generally tends to lose this fear with frequent acquaintances. A little practice can definitely make your public speaking skills better. Add a little confidence and a dash of optimism and you are ready to go.

Here are a few easy tips you should keep in mind when you have to make an inevitable statement in front of a large number of people and you just can’t figure out how.

Believe in yourself and Breathe!
Relax and breathe. As difficult as it may seem but this is the most effective way of developing your public speaking skills. Also, remember to believe in yourself and be confident. Tell yourself that you can do it and you indeed will. Your self-confidence will definitely help ease your fear of public speaking.

Rehearse your speech!
Rehearse your speech over and over again in front of the mirror or maybe your friends or critics. Make sure you scrutinize every part of your speech and make it better than it was before. Rehearsal is one of the best ways to lose your fear of public speaking.

Body Language
Remember to remain a good body posture and make eye contact. Making eye contact helps your audience to understand you better and confide in you. A straight and erect body posture signifies your enthusiasm and zest to speak hiding away the slightest reservation of Public speaking. Ascertain that you are dressed comfortably and feel calm 7 confident!

Think before you speak!
This is absolutely vital for effective public speaking as a few wrong words said without thinking could ruin your entire speech. Also, make sure you do not apologize in case you stutter or pronounce a word wrong as apologizing will only elaborate that flaw.

Focus is the ultimate key to effective public speaking. It is extremely important to show your involvement in the topic in order to exhibit excellent public speaking skills. In order to convince others, you need to focus on what you yourself believe in your idea or opinion. Everything else will automatically follow if you create the right focus.

All said and done, there are a few more skills that you can work on to improve your public speaking skills. If your language is weak you can take up English-speaking classes, and work on your communication skills and English fluency. With a little practice and effort, you can soon ace your public speaking skills in no time!

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