How to develop Body Language

We have all seen celebrities and successful men and women walking in and the aura they have around them. At times when observed they aren’t really very pretty looking, but it’s just their persona and the way they carry themselves that has us smitten with them. This aura or the manner in which they carry themselves is in essence their body language.

Body language is a personification of an individual’s personality, character, behavior, and attitude. It’s an insight of you and it defines you to many. Your body demeanor speaks more than words about your thoughts, state of mind, and confidence in yourself.

If you have ever noticed the men in armed force training, the first lesson they are taught is to stand and walk like a soldier as they believe if a cadet can stand and walk like a soldier it only then he can be one. The step together and straight and stern position epitomized the discipline and sincerity of a soldier.

Your body language signifies what you are. If your body language says you are confident, you automatically become confident. If you present yourself as an intelligent and independent individual through your body language, you automatically feel the same. That’s the power body language has over how you feel about yourself.

Success comes to those who make an effort toward it. The only effort you need to do is reflect yourself as a successful person, and success will sooner or later be yours. Stand and walk with poise and confidence. Keep your posture erect with shoulders pulled back, tummy tucked in and chest out. Make sure you don’t slouch as a slouch or bending posture symbolizes laziness and probably a loser. A slob posture is an instant turn-off to anyone!

A straight spine will make you feel and look younger irrespective of how old or young you are. Even when you are walking, ensure that you maintain the upper body’s weight centered aptly on your hips and then take a confident step forward. Make sure you don’t slouch or make a lot of noise while you walk. Take firm and confident steps one at a time and make an everlasting impression.

When you sit, make sure you don’t relax way too much. Maintain your shoulders and back like you were standing with your feet firmly together. Don’t use your hands a lot while talking as it exhibits a lack of confidence. Make eye contact when you speak. Don’t touch your face too much or anything else for that matter. Keep your spine upright and straight and you will automatically feel confident and like a winner.

To be a winner or be successful, you need to feel successful and that can only happen if your body language spells success, poise, and confidence. Make sure you maintain striking body language and you will definitely be perceived as striking and a winner!

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